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Homes United The Homeless Projects
homesunited thehomelessprojects helping green nurseries
homesunited the homeless projects high school girl helping nurseries
homesunited the homeless projects nurseries many kids helping greenery

Our commitment to the community 2/23 & 24

To Our Supporting Partners

HomesUnited Ministiries- & Westminster Academy is committed to providing shelter/housing & support services to those in need. However, we believe that a comfortable and welcoming environment can have a profound impact on the well-being and dignity of the individuals we serve.

We have undertaken a project to create warm and inviting spaces within our shelters and transitional housing facilities. We aim to provide a sense of home and comfort for those seeking refuge in our programs. To achieve this, we are embarking on an initiative to decorate the common areas and outdoor spaces with plants and garden supplies. The presence of greenery and the act of gardening can offer therapeutic benefits, boost morale, and create a more positive living environment.